Writing and Publishing Resources

A Quick Reference Guide

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There are a ton of great FREE resources for writers available out here. This list is by no means comprehensive but a quick and dirty guide to get your started.

Writer’s Digest: With a slogan like, “Write better, get published,” this site is a great starting point for writers who want to spur their creativity or are looking to be published. Includes writing prompts, informative articles, competitions, events, and so much more.

Grammar Girl: Man, if I had a dollar every time I consulted her posts for my grammar q’s….

Misfits & Daydreamers: New York Times bestselling author Susan Dennard’s newsletter gives ah-mazing in-depth tips on the craft of writing, thorough writing tutorials, and a behind-the-scenes look at publishing. This is one newsletter that I look always forward to hitting my inbox!

Reedsy: An online author services company, get ready to get connected with publishing pros from around the world. From website development, marketing and PR, and editing, Reedsy is a one-stop shop for building out your author brand.

iWriterly: “The publishing industry is competitive, but the writing community doesn’t have to be.” So. Much. Yes. Check out iWriterly for tips on writing, editing, querying, and the latest in the writing community.

88 Cups of Tea: A podcast for writers! They explore and unpack conversations touching on both the personal and professional life of a writer from overcoming rejections to querying tips to writing advice and more! Inspiring AND entertaining!

Publishing Crawl: A blog dedicated to all things writing, publishing, and books!

Canva: Okay, this is not a writing tool, but if you’re a visual person looking to make your own book memes, covers, etc., Canva is the tool to try.