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Gotta bring home that bacon

Editorial Assessment

This is a broad strokes assessment of your work. You will receive an edit letter detailing big picture suggestions for revisions.

Developmental Edit

This is a deep dive into your manuscript. We will focus on plot, structure, character, style, pacing, and writing. This is the most comprehensive edit. You will receive an edit letter that details suggested revisions, what’s working and what needs some work, as well as in-manuscript edits in Track Changes.

Line Edit

This edit focuses on the writing itself. Using Track Changes, we will go through your manuscript line-by-line and focus on diction, style, and clarity.

Query Critique

So you’ve decided to query agents. This service provides detailed feedback on your query letter to potential agents. We’ll focus on voice, syntax, and marketability. This includes 3 passes back and forth.

Query + Synopsis Critique

This package includes a query critique and assessment of your synopsis. We will focus on things like story progression and character motivation, and pacing. This includes 3 passes on your query, and 2 passes on your synopsis.

Full Query Package

This package includes a query and synopsis assessment as well as editorial feedback on the first 5-30 pages of your manuscript. This includes 3 passes on your query, 2 passes on your synopsis, and 1 pass on manuscript.

Theological Review

Hannah holds an MA in Religion and is qualified to assess religious manuscripts geared to Christian audiences theologically.

Custom Package

Not sure what kind of edit is for you? Reach out, and we can put together a custom package that’s right for you and your manuscript!